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The aim of this course is to provide those persons responsible for fire safety with the knowledge and expertise of their duties under current fire safety regulations to ensure they both understand their obligations and perform their duties to minimise the risks of fire in their premises, appointed as Fire Wardens with the knowledge and expertise needed to effectively carry out their role and comply with legislation, provide all employees with adequate knowledge, as part of their induction programme, in understanding their obligations in the event of discovering a fire or the actions they need to take should a fire break out in their workplace. During the course delegates will cover a number of important aspects of fire management, fire evacuation and various of sensors.


  1. Overview of current fire safety legislation relating to fire training and protection
  2. Why fires start and how they spread
  3. Evacuation Procedures
  4. Types of fire and the equipment and systems available to warn of fire and extinguish it
  5. Practical demonstration of fire extinguisher equipment
  6. Procedures and processes for undertaking Fire Risk Assessments
  7. Employer Responsibilities under Fire Safety Legislation.
  8. The role of the Fire Warden.
  9. Fire risk assessment, fire training and fire evacuation procedures.
  10. Why fires start and how they spread
  11. Actions to be undertaken for safe evacuation in the event of fire.
  12. Types and usage of fire extinguishers.
  13. Employee responsibilities for fire safety under management of Health and Safety at Work.
  14. Why fires start and how they spread.
  15. Actions if you discover a fire.
  16. Recognising the fire alarm and safe evacuation of the workplace
  17. Types and usage of fire extinguishers
  18. APAR and characteristics of Inteligence Fire detection
  19. Sprinkle technic design


  1. Plan Maintenance Supervisor/ Technician/ Engineer
  2. Fresh graduate Engineer
  3. Everybody or professional who wants better understanding and gain benefits from this courseMembawa Surat Rekomendasi dari Perusahaan
  4. Membawa Pas Foto 4×6, 3×4, 2×3 masing-masing 3 lembar (background merah)




Hari/Tanggal : 04 – 06 Oktober 2016

Tempat         : Pesona Malioboro Hotel

Biaya             : Rp. 6.000.000


Contact Person: Shantie

Mobile : 0823 2212 3986

WA : 088216124128


Email   : santi@dagoconsultant.com

Blog : http://dagotrainingandconsultant.blogspot.co.id/

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