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Pelatihan ini akan dilaksanakan di Hotel Aston Tropicana Bandung.

Pelatihan ini dijadwalkan beberapa kali selama tahun 2012, yaitu pada:

03 – 06 Juli 2012 (Selasa – Jumat)

17 – 20 Juli 2012 (Selasa – Jumat)

31 Juli – 03 Agustus 2012 (Selasa – Jumat)

11 – 14 September 2012 (Selasa – Jumat)

25 – 28 September 2012 (Selasa – Jumat)

09 – 12 Oktober 2012 (Selasa – Jumat)

30 Oktober – 02 November 2012 (Selasa – Jumat)

20 – 23 November 2012 (Selasa – Jumat)

11 – 14 Desember 2012 (Selasa – Jumat)

26 – 29 Desember 2012 (Rabu – Sabtu)


Whatever the cause, lack of electricity at your facility can be devastating, whether you are at a hospital caring for the sick and injured, a treatment plant providing water for your community, a computer-oriented business with a world marketplace, or a manufacturing plant that simply can’t afford downtime. During this seminar, you will learn what you can do, and should do, to make sure your facility will keep running even if the electricity to your facility doesn’t.


l  Specific requirements and recommendations for the installation, operation and maintenance of onsite generation systems

l  Where to find critical information from professional sources such as the EGSA, IEEE, NFPA, NECA and NETA.

l  What backup system and emergency plan is best suited for your facility

l  How to read and understand vendor drawings and technical information

l  How and when to successfully test onsite generator equipment

l  How to work with parallel energy sources

l  Synchronizing procedures and load sharing


I. Generators and Prime Movers

A. Overview: Generator Purpose, Operation and Control

B. Types of Prime Movers

C. Generator Basic Electrical Fundamentals

D. Generator Types and Construction

E. Grounding and Bonding of Generator Systems

F. UPS System Fundamentals

II. Protection and Transfer of Electrical Power

A. Circuit Breakers

B. Switchgear

C. Transfer Switches

D. Parallel Operation

III. Generator and Engine Controls

A. Governors

B. Voltage Regulators

C. Engine Protection

D. Onsite Generator Controls including PLCs and SCADA Systems

IV. Auxiliary Systems

A. Fuel Systems

B. Cooling Systems

C. Exhaust Systems

D. Vibration Attenuation

E. Sound Attenuation

F. Engine Starting Systems

G. Load Banks

H. Emissions Control

V. Generator Applications

A. Cogeneration

B. Emergency Power Systems

C. Legally Required Standby Systems

D. Optional Standby Systems

VI. Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Onsite Power Generation Systems

A. Developing a Logical Systematic Approach to Troubleshooting

B. Common Generator Problems

C. Recommended Generator Maintenance Practices

D. Electrical Testing of Generators



(Pakar sekaligus praktisi yang aktif sebagai instruktur dalam berbagai pelatihan dan seminar terkait bidang Electrical Engineering.)


l  Operators

l  Electrical Engineers

l  Project Engineers

l  Maintenance Engineers

l  Power System Protection and Control Engineers

l  Building Service Designers

l  Data Systems Planners and Managers

l  Electrical and Instrumentation Technicians

l  Master Electricians

l  Mechanical Engineers


¨  Presentation

¨  Discuss

¨  Case Study

¨  Evaluation

¨  Simulation

¨  Lab Work


  • Training Kit ( Tas seminar, ATK, Handout)
  • Sertifikat Dago Consultant
  • Meeting room Hotel ****
  • 2x Coffee Break and Lunch per hari
  • Souvenir
  • Special Dinner
  • City Tour


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