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Provides basic instruction and hands-on experience with the most common pipeline valves and actuators used on pipelines; participants visit manufacturing facilities to see first hand how valves are made. These field trips will also serve as a learning experience in the assembly and disassembly of valves and actuators, whenever possible. Participants receive handouts and other materials. This course is recommended for personnel involved in pipeline operation and maintenance.

The course present a practical approach to selection, sizing, instalation, opration and maintenance of control valves and actuators. This training course is designed with a total balance between theory and practical examples and will help the participant in better understanding of control valbe functions, testing and maintenance of valves


  • To Understand The Various Terminologies association ated with control valves.
  • Know obout all different types of valves commonly used in process industries and understand the relative advantages and limitations of each.
  • Understand the characteristics, function and application of the control valve.
  • To provide participants with the does and don’ts, good engineering practices of valve installation and operation.
  • The explain the good engineering ptactices in periodic, testing of valves.


Participants receive instruction in:

  1. Introduction to petroleum valves
  2. Nordstrom valves
  3. Introduction to actuators

§  Basic actuators and actuator operation

§  Sizing actuators (overview)

§  Basic mechanical operation

§  Control components and configurations

§  Maintaining actuators safely

  1. EIM actuators
  2. Limotorque actuators
  3. Rotork actuators
  4. Slab gas valve disassembly, assembly, and maintenance review
  5. Expanding gate valve maintenance review
  6. Valve maintenance

§  Valve types and functioning

§  Field lubricants

§  Maintenance

§  Packing

§  Sealants


This course is recommended for personnel involved in liquid pipeline operation and maintenance or pipeline maintenance technicians


During the training, participant will be in interactive learning mode, by actively join the group discussion, sharing concepts, role plays, games and case studies.


Ir. Teguh Pudji Purwanto, MT

Ir. Prajitno, MT

VANUE/DATE : 22th – 25 th November 2011

Hotel SANTIKA Yogyakarta.


v  Meeting room hotel (****)

v  Training Kit

v  Coffee Break & Lunch

v  Exclusive Souvenir

v  Certifikat

v  Soft copy materi

Invesment : IDR  7.000.000,- For sending 3 participant from the same company IDR 6.500.000,-/participant NON RESIDENCIAL.

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